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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Minion Number Seven

Miss Seven, Seraphyna, is the seventh and final minion added to our brood. She was born at home unassisted December 7th on the coldest night of the winter so far and in the coldest room of the house. She has fit into the perfect place in our family and is never lacking for love and attention from her multiple brothers and especially her sisters, who are so happy to have another girl to dote on. If I have to guess, I predict that she will be spunky like Lilith, sweet like Ivy, smart like all the others, and able to hold her own against the boys. As the youngest of seven, she will have to be tough :).

Minion Number Six

The not-quite-two yr old boy, Lachlan, has barely started to come into his personality. He's not really talking yet (typical of all my boys) and his favorite thing in the world is to jump off of things or onto things (namely, people). He has taken the spot of the mildest mannered baby I have had, famous for sitting/sleeping through an entire morning at church at 1 week old. He was the second of my home-born children, and the shortest, most intense labour (less than 2 hours). He also has been one of the sickliest: he's allergic to most laundry detergents, possibly antibiotics, and caught RSV at 6 months old. He more than makes up for it in cuddles and spunk, though. He also has the most adorable long blonde hair that I cannot bring myself to cut :).

Minion Number Five

Oh Rowan. My 3 yr old boy, often called Sir Rowan the Rottenest. He is such a handful, has been high needs since the day he was born, screaming through the first 3 days, then refusing to be put down for the next 2 years. He has only started sleeping well in the past 6 months. He is a sweetheart with a vivid imagination and an artistic streak, and absolutely zero tolerance for change, discomfort, or imbalance of any kind. He reminds me to give a kind eye to the mothers of kids throwing a tantrum at the grocery store....sometimes that's just how they are.

Minion Number Four

Next up is my second girl, the mini-motherly one, the deceptively sweet one with a slight dramatic side, Ivy. She loves her baby dolls and she loves to be my helper with the littlest at the time. She also indugles more in dress-up and playing princess or tea party, unlike her practical, science-y older sister.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Minion Number Three

Here we have my lefty child, my boy-among-boys, Gryphon. He just turned 7 and is usually either making up epic battles between good and evil of all genres (star wars, superheroes of all kinds, videogame characters) or drawing comics of said epic battles. Although Lilith is my most talented artist, Gryphon really has a gift for comics with different expressions and special effects.

Minion Number Two

I am still getting the hang of this format, so I will be posting each one separately.
Minion #2 is my go-getter, 8 yr old Lilith. She thinks she is in charge and is constantly craving more responsibilities. Her latest obsessions are learning how to cook and how to sew. She also reads as much or more than Logan.

I Haz Minions

Do you not have minions? My minions are the best. Starting at the top we have Minion #1, Logan. He is my calm, obedient, Harry Potter and hero obsessed 9 yr old. (heroes in general, either superheroes or warriors, anyone that fights and saves others). He has a sweet demeanor and a high-pitched annoying laugh.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Starting Over

Hello and welcome. As we are about to start a new year, and I have been looking to redo my old blog for a long time, here we are. Please be patient as I attempt to work all this out and get things functional.