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Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I Love My Husband

Saturday early afternoon, we went to the Tandy Leather Company for husband to get a new buckle for his chainmail belt (the other one broke). It was a small-ish store with lots of exciting things to look at for the kids, and it was a little hectic as they were having a moving sale. Usually I take Seraphyna in the sling and Lachlan goes in a rolling containment device (either a stroller or cart) but there just wasn't enough room for one in there, so husband held Lachlan. I almost immediately had to take two kids to the bathroom and handed off Seraphyna so I could as well, so here he is holding a toddler and a baby and trying to corral 3 walking kids. When I came back, Seraphyna had spit up on his shoulder and Lachlan was wiping his runny nose on his other shoulder :). I took Rowan and the other kids, and we shopped. Not once did he lose his cool or complain about toting around a kid in each arm, both of them dirtying his clothes. We ended up with the belt buckle, some small leather kits for the kids, and a bag of scrap leather to make into pouches for Med Faire. All the way home we happily chattered about ideas for the leather and what kinds of things we and the kids would make. He had to leave soon after we got home, but we sat together and talked with him holding me in the few minutes we had, then a round of hugs and kisses all around (times 7!) and off he went to work.

Just one moment in many where he balances father to seven and husband to a strange wife gracefully and with ease.