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Monday, December 31, 2012

Snapshots of Our New Year's Eve

Mark made cinnamon rolls for everyone for a New Year's treat.  Four cans, not one left. 

Lilith spent the entire time curled up with her Nook (a Christmas present from my mother) reading the 4th and then the 5th Percy Jackson book.

Logan was playing bunnies and itty bitty tea party with Ivy on the table, while Gryphon moped in the corner because he didn't have any masculine-type games to play with someone.  Rowan and Ivy also spent a lot of the evening building houses for said bunnies with the duplos. 

Lachlan had found his Frodo and a dragon, and Frodo was riding a dragon around the house.  Now, I really didn't expect Lachlan to ever play with Frodo:  but everyone else got a LOTR figure based on their Halloween costume, and I didn't want him to be left out.  So I am pleased that he knows it's his and plays with it sometimes.  Frodo was later dropped for Seraphyna's My Little Ponies.

Seraphyna got jazzed off the sugar from the cinnamon rolls and ran around shrieking and chewing on random things.  She also threw all of Ivy's baby dolls out of the toy bed and climbed in herself, chattering to the remaining inhabitants. 

At one point I glanced in the boys' room and saw Logan holding Batman, who was now wielding Aragorn's sword.  I'm sure he would be unstoppable. 

Right before bedtime Logan and Gryphon reconciled, and re-enacted the choosing of the wands from Harry Potter, after first dumping two rooms' worth of costumes on the floor to find robes.

Right now it is 12:11am, and I am cuddling a Seraphyna who is having trouble staying asleep due to snot.  Mark lasted until 11:21, then headed to bed.  He is also sick, and had been trying to fall asleep for at least an hour.  Rowan had a nightmare and is now curled up in his Avenger's blanket in here and passed back out.  Lachlan fell asleep before Mark went to bed.  Now if i can just get Seraphyna laid down,  we'll all snooze into the New Year. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Meanwhile in Azeroth

So there's this guy.  He goes by Frostheim and he's basically the Patron Saint of Hunters Everywhere on WoW.  He writes for WoW Insider and runs a massive hunter community site  He does amazing theorycrafting work and his posts are the ones I go to when I need help with aspects of the game.  He enjoys writing songs to glorify the hunter class, and recently ran a kickstarter so he could hire someone to help do an entire album of hunter songs.  They more than met their goal, and one of the songs promised was a hunter love song.  Okay, I admit:  I was a little disappointed when he chose the platonic love between a hunter and their pet.  But the song is really well done and best of all:  at the last minute, for the video, he decided to feature the vast hunter community and their favorite pets.  I am fortunate to follow Frostheim on twitter, and saw him put up the ad for hunter screenshots.  Although I would have loved to have taken the time to make a really artistic screenshot with a neat coordinating outfit, I found a good picture of Zarabethe in a decent transmog outfit and her blue dragonhawk, Cerulean (along with the matching companion pet).  Cerulean is special to me, because I really wanted a blue dragonhawk to match the blue dragonhawk mount I just got for getting 100 mounts.  It was a lot of work, and I knew I would show off my mount more if I had a coordinating pet.  The only place to tame a blue dragonhawk is in the Sunwell, a Burning Crusade era raid.  Just because it is a BC raid however, did not mean it was easy:  we literally had to go in, Elforen (husband) would pull everything and keep them off of me and pray we both lived long enough for me to tame one.  It took a couple tries.  But we got it, and I proudly flaunted my dragonhawk trio all over (until some other shiny pet caught my eye....ahem).  Anyway, I was excited to see Zara and Cerulean in the video for the song!  I couldn't remember if the names had been turned off or not, and I knew he wouldn't use it if the names were on, so it was a little iffy, but I squealed out loud when I saw them on it :).  Without further ado, the Hunter Love Song by Frostheim and Balthazar.

(Zara and Cerulean are at about :56)

(original post on WHU )