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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014: A To-Do List

I have a large list of items to create in 2014, some of which are pretty ambitious.  For accountability, and maybe an effort to actually post on this blog again, I will list them all here.

1.  Knight Hoodie .  I have the hoodies, I'm drafting the pattern (which is taking longer than planned) and next week I will purchase fleece to make the armor.  Here is the point that I am at right now:
Bonus:  brand new rotary cutter and board from my mother for xmas!

2.  Quilt for Lilith from her last birthday.  Hope to be done in time for THIS birthday.
3.  Rainbow Dash Gala dress for Lilith for her birthday, and fully functional to be used as a Halloween costume.  That's right, this year the Kerfeet will be decking themselves out in MLP.
The best version I've found of it online.  I will be taking inspiration from this design pretty heavily.  I will have to make it appropriate for a preteen girl:  less skin showing. 

Original Design
4.  A Rarity Gala dress for Ivy.  Again to double as birthday and Halloween costume.  I haven't found many good designs of this online, so I think I'm going to have to improvise.
This one is okay, just kind of weird.  I think the pink and yellow layers need to be in tulle.  

Original design.  Time to buy stock in sew-on gems.....

5.  Rainbow Dash sporty version for Mark.  Originally I was just going to buy a tracksuit and add a cutie mark and wings, but it is RIDICULOUSLY difficult to find an unadorned tracksuit, let alone one in the right colour.  I have a feeling I'll be sewing it from scratch.   Rainbow armwarmers and socks, wings, and rainbow wig.

6.  Queen Chrysalis for myself.  Okay I'm really kind of excited about this one this year, and it's not just because I have to order myself a new corset for it :).  Black corset, black tights and armwarmers with holes cut in them, a bright green/blue wig and belt, and cellophane wings.  The husband is going to help me make a crown and horn as well.  and heaven help me, I might try to wear heels with it.
7. Med Faire garb for the minions.  It's time for some new pieces, and I'm sure the boys are tired of wearing just shirts with regular clothes.  I think Logan was wanting some pirate gear.  I also could do with a new dress.

8.  It's Gryphon's year for a birthday quilt, so I have to get working on the design for his too.  Somehow it will have to be something with weapons or LOTR.

9.  All the rest of the Halloween costumes.  I hope to make Seraphyna Apple Jack and Lachlan Spike, and Logan, Gryphon, and Rowan will probably be something else.  Ninja turtles is the current idea.

10.  I'd really like to do Winter Solstice pajamas this year.  I know a lot of people do xmas eve pjs, but our xmas eve is taken due to the really long drive to Woodward, so that would be the appropriate time to do that.

11. Easter dresses/outfits, and I'd really like to do some spectacular xmas dresses/outfits and pictures this year.  I kind of threw this year's together and I know I can do better, and I SHOULD do better.  Something Victorian maybe, with fancy dresses and matching vests.  Like out of an old Hallmark card.

12.  Various skirts, dresses, pajamas, and shorts outfits.  I want to step it up this year and make more things for the kids instead of buying them.