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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well, there goes the time for the therapeutic writing :). This past month has been busy busy (of course). I've barely gotten any writing done (although I've done some storyline editing in my head! tiny progress!) and although I still have some older pictures to post, I have literally been kicking the same picture around in my head for over a MONTH waiting to get it down on paper. Then I finally managed to take my sketch book out on the porch with me and laid out a few basic lines while Seraphyna laid on her pillow and we watched the kids run around in the yard, massive storms started brewing and we had to quickly pack it in and make possible tornado plans. As much as I'm dreading a repeat of last summer, I am just in love with the weather and ambience this spring. The weather is a beautiful, energetic 67-82 degrees and everything is green and lush and growing. The warmest day so far, of course, was the day of Med Faire. Although we were all quite miserable and sporting a crimson sheen by the end of the day, the days since have been wonderful and mild. There is a lot of energy to the air, and a lot of storms.....including a very sudden tornado that devastated part of husband's hometown. None of his family or friends were injured, although a few lost part or all of a house. Although I could do without the swirling vortices of doom, the precipitation has been heavenly, especially as a contrast to last year's dry barren never-ending summer. I dare to hope that we may actually have a lighter summer this year.
I will have to put a separate post up with all the things I have going in the sewing department, but I will say I DID get our Med Faire costumes completed at about 5am the morning of (6 whole hours before our tentative leaving time!) and everyone looked great :). I am inordinately proud of Seraphyna's outfit, which was made with no pattern. I usually do not make outfits or costumes for babies and they are HARD to measure!! It's either too tight or it's so loose it falls off. It's like making something fit a floppy, gelatinous, grinning octopus. Her outfit was so perfect though: loose fitting and airy, but completely covering her limbs from the sun, and the elastic around the neck kept it from going everywhere.
Once again, I find myself merely one week before a sewing deadline, and I haven't even started yet. Rowan and Lachlan's birthday party is next Sunday, and I haven't even cut out their pajamas yet. It is my goal to make everyone a sewn item as part of their birthday gift, in fact I would like to make this a yearly tradition, but it really snuck up on me this time. For Rowan, he will have Star Wars print pajama pants with a coordinating shirt, and for Lachlan he will have alligators. He would probably prefer something with cars or trains, but his lovey is a gigantic stuffed alligator that we have named "Om", so Mark happened upon a piece of fabric with animals on it (including an alligator) and I have an alligator patch I'm going to put on a shirt to go with the pants I'm making out of the fabric.
Husband is still reeling from the tornadic activity from this weekend and is trying to nap it off, so it's just me tonight with Lachlan (Seraphyna, angel baby that she is, is already down for the night). I'm trying to make myself get started writing or drawing, and not get lost in ridiculous youtube all night. I have music from The Guild as my anthem tonight. They have a new one out that I love love and it keeps going through my head (i might be playing all three of their songs over and over........ahem). is the video for their newest (NSFW lyrics). If Sir I-Have-to-Stand-on-Everything-You're-Doing wasn't up, I'd try and cut out pjs....but as it is, it will probably be computer time. Maybe I'll get ambitious and try and figure out the scanner so I can upload artwork. I need to figure out how to finish drawings so they don't all look like a scratchy mess. Well that concludes my blogtime tonight, at least according to Sir I-Have-to-Crawl-In-and-Out-of-Your-Lap-and-Give-You-a-Hug-a-Hundred-Times. /sigh.

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