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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lord of the Rings and The Making of Costumes

In the last 2 weeks, we introduced the kids to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.   We are reading The Hobbit together (slowly) so the world itself was not new, but this was a completely different story.  I was not sure how they'd take it.  I had a lot of misgivings:  that there was much violence, and suspense, and that they would possibly be bored to tears.  To a one, all five older kids stared in rapt attention throughout the entire thing.  They LOVED it.  That might not be a bold enough statement.  They worshipped the perfectness of the epic tale of the Fellowship of the Ring with a passion worthy of its tale.  I have never seen a more perfect trilogy than LOTR.  The costumes, details, and architecture are all breathtaking but still completely believable.  The acting is superb.   The weapons are realistic and beautiful.  I never had much patience for the books (I KNOW.  Bad Melly) but the movies I could watch over and over.  While Tolkien adds little songs and ditties it seems every other page, the songs included are few but extremely poignant.  Merry's song while Faramir rides to (what he assumes) his death, gets me every time.  Just beautiful.  The score is a perfect balance between an understated background that propels your emotions where it wants them to go, and a riveting score that you'd recognize on any occasion.   It seems that every single minute detail of that movie, to the embroidery on an extra's robe to the unique armour bestowed on each race (or each subsection of race, ex the elves of Rivendell vs the elves of Galadriel) was deliberate, lovingly created with the intent for realism.   I love the movie for the story, for the action, for the small amount of comedy, and I also love it for the theatre person in me.  I appreciate the immense amount of work it must have taken to pull this project off so well.  I am looking forward to the Hobbit, in fact I am considering taking the kids to go see it as part of their Christmas presents.

Also in this past week we have been discussing Halloween costumes.  Of course the kids have naturally drifted towards LOTR for the costume choices.  Rowan was the first:  without stumbling he told me he wanted to be Aragorn for Halloween.   He knew exactly who the character was,  knew the name, and that's what he wanted.  Logan and Lilith were originally going to be an Andalite with Logan being the front end and Lilith being the back end (it's a kind of alien deer.....thing) but then Lilith remembered she was going to be Katniss from the Hunger Games.  I have not let her read the books yet (although I am reconsidering letting her read the 1st so she can be prepared for the costume) but she fell in love with the character from the movie trailers I watched online.  So Logan chose Legolas.  It's a good thing we have two bows (one more a prop, and the other from Mark's boy scout days).  Gryphon still wants to be the Headless Horseman (which is awesome, but going to be a lot of work).  Ivy had trouble deciding, but I think we've settled on Eowyn, the warrior princess :).  I REALLY want to make Lachlan a hobbit.  He has the perfect frame for it:  big head, oversized feet and hands, short legs, and slightly curly hair.  I could even give him a ring on a necklace and make him Frodo.   It's either that, or a panda cub. Because I am going to be a Pandaren warrior, and Seraphyna is going to be my baby panda cub :).  I've kind of got an idea how I'd like a Pandaren warrior to look, and I'm going to attempt to draw it out soon.  I'd like to be a warrior, but if that doesn't happen, I'll be a mage or priest.  I'll make myself a long sleeved long blue dress, throw the blue corset on over the top of it, paint my face, and make a staff.  Very simple.   Mark is still deciding what to be.  He has a replica of Anduril, Aragorn's sword, so he might be Aragorn as well, but maybe a different costume.  Rowan is going to be Strider Aragorn, black shirt, black long jerkin, Mark might be Gondorian Aragorn, with the blue tabard of Gondor.  It's such a gorgeous costume.  We'll see.  He might decide to be something else as well.

Picture references:

Strider Aragorn (Rowan)
Gondor Aragorn (Mark?)
Misc Hobbits (Lachlan?)

Eowyn (Ivy?)

Legolas (Logan)

Katniss Everdeen (Lilith)

Pandaren (me, Seraphyna)

Headless Horseman as envisioned by World of Warcraft (Gryphon)

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