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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day Six: Sung to the Tune of "Carry On My Wayward Son"

First a Disclaimer:  These Days of Thankfulness are in no particular order, simply how they occur to me as I'm writing them at the time.  I don't want anyone to think I am more grateful to anything as inane as a television show than my husband, who I have not featured yet (but will!).

That being said, I have recently been granted access to a Netflix account (THANK YOU MY SISTER) and out of all the choices laid out before me like a buffet, I broke my netflix cherry on Supernatural.   I'm not sure why:  I have several things on my list that I'm interested in, like Doctor Who, or Sherlock Holmes, or even Firefly (here's my geek card, I'll have to hand it in now).  I don't even LIKE scary things anymore.  It triggers my anxiety like crazy and I stay up all night staring at my open doorway, expecting a silhouette to darken it and for me to lose my mind in terror.  But I have always been interested in science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural.  Things that can't quite be explained, or makes you think about the world as a different, more fascinating place.  I remember having a ritual in high school of watching certain shows with my mom and sister, and the two I remember most are Star Trek: Voyager, and The X-Files. So maybe it was a bit of nostalgia breaking through when I started watching Supernatural.  And surprise surprise, I really liked it.

When I sit down and think about, I think the thing I like the most about the show is the incredible acting and the realism brought to the show by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. You really, truly, believe these two are brothers.  There's nothing forced in there at all:  they annoy each other, they pick on each other, but they would hand over their lives for the other without thought.  You see although the show is named Supernatural and there is a laundry list of various strange creatures and urban legends, and later religious mythology and epic battles, the show is, plain and simple, about the relationship between these two brothers.  There's the younger, sometimes naive, brooding brother of Sam, who tries to get away from the Hunter lifestyle and maintain a "normal" life, and there's the never-serious, childhood-stolen-from-him, older brother Dean, who drags him back to help find their father.  The way these two interact is hilarious, poignant, and more than that, believable.  These two characters were made for these actors.

There are many other things I love about this show.  I am never disappointed by the music choices.  I like how they manage to mostly tie off loose threads at the end of a season (mostly, there's only so much you can do).  It is absolutely hysterical in some place and rips your heart out in others. There are times when you're crying from laughing so hard and in the next moment, you're crying again because it's so emotional.   There are some kick-ass female leads and they are not only the victims to monsters.  There are romantic relationships, but they are always brief, and everyone knows they are doomed from the start.  It never takes the focus away from the two brothers, the hunters, road-tripping through Hell and back, to save lives and find their own redemption.

I am right now nearing the end of Season 4, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do.  But I know it's going to be a fun ride, no matter how long it takes.

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