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Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Writing Madness AKA Do I Still Have This Blog???

Hello and welcome to the month of November Dear Readers! (all two of you.  don't get rowdy).  Although I'm already two days behind, I am still determined to get to my 30K word count goal that I usually set for this month.  I have lots and lots of Scepter chapters to go, and I'm starting a new saga of Maerciless and Shirelle.  It's going rather well, although it's no where near to the point of posting yet.  I have managed to keep the different tones of the pieces up instead of blending them together into a homogenized style, so I'm happy about that.  Maybe this time next year I will be able to focus on something that's not WoW related??  Time will tell.

I will be keeping a word count update on my blog, and going for my November Thankfulness as often as I remember (once a week?  once a day? who knows!).  I took the entire month of October off from writing, and although it was needed to be able to get my Halloween Crafting on, I'm a little out of practice from churning out as much writing as I would like to each week. I will still have Holiday Crafting to work on this month as well, as I'd like to get my sewn and crocheted gifts done before the first of December, I have found I am most happiest when I constantly have a lot of projects going on.  It keeps me busy and useful, and creating makes me happy.  Which makes me create more.

Now for my days of November Thankfulness.  Although I will be doing the usual and listing off family and basic ordinary blessings, I am going to try and dig deep to find subjects that really make you think, things that you might not always find happy.  It's a challenge really:  to find happy in the least likely of places.

Day One:   I am grateful for the love of reading.  My eldest daughter is sitting on the couch right now re-reading a book that I bought with my own money as a teenager, that somehow made it back to this house.  My kids have different reading speeds and levels, but all of them will happily sit down with a book and escape reality for a brief time. I have always learned my most important lessons from books, and I am glad to have passed that down to the minions.

Day Two:  I am grateful for Cosplay.  I have always been really into costuming, ever since I was little.  I liked to pick obscure characters and re-create them to the best of my ability constantly.  I dressed up every year for Halloween and was the spearhead for my group of friends to follow me around and trick or treat, up until we turned 18.  I never really understood my fanaticism for costuming, until a couple years ago I fell into the world of Cosplay on the internet.  I no longer feel ashamed of my intense love of creating costumes and characters, and instead go for it with all the enthusiasm that I've always wanted to.  Everyone has their little obsessions:  some are about sports teams, some about movies, or videogames:  one of mine is costuming and there is nothing wrong with that.  I have found community in costuming and feel that I am an encouragement to others who want to costume and craft as well.  The husband has entered into this world as well, through the making of props and his constant support.  It's a world I am happy to be a part of.

Day Three:  I am grateful for insomnia and the madness it creates to craft, write, and exercise my brain.  I am grateful for the extra time it makes for me to be myself and not solely exist as a wife, mother, and homeschooler.  Now if I could just not crash every few days, it would be a lot more convenient.
Bonus Picture:  A Lachlan in a Box

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